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In the quest for energy, windpower is proven and plays an increasingly important role. As a leading supplier of industrial-grade fiber optic links for wind towers OFS is committed to renewable energy generation. Cables using HCS® fiber from OFS often extend from the turbine to the controls at the base of the tower, providing reliable high-speed data transfer and isolation from electrical surges in harsh environmental conditions.


From afar, wind farms appear tranquil, rotors slowly rotating, harnessing the wind and effortlessly converting it to useful electric power. Up close, these massive towers are subject to extreme conditions, precisely what we design HighWind cables and connector systems for. Wind towers are constantly exposed to harsh weather, intentionally located in blustery regions where temperatures are extreme. The tall towers are exposed to frequent lightning strikes and to the inherent electrical noise associated with power generation and transmission. Optical fibers from OFS are non-conductive and immune to EMI providing high reliability under these harsh conditions.

The OFS crimp & cleave connector system simplifies installation and maintenance, enabling connector field installation and on-site testing.

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  Temperature Range Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance Radiation Resistance UV Resistance Flame Retardance
PFA -200 to 260 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
FEP -100 to 200 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
ETFE -125 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
PVDF -50 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Excellent
PEEK -55 to 240 °C Excellent Excellent Good N/R Excellent
Thermoplastic Elastomer -50 to 120 °C Good Good N/R Excellent Very Good
PVC -40 to 105 °C N/R N/R N/R N/R Very Good
Nylon -65 to 105 °C N/R Very Good N/R N/R N/R

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