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OFS has a long history of serving the defense market with custom and standard fibers, cables and assemblies frequently deployed in harsh environments. Our products perform with high reliability in commercial and military aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and ground and undersea communications systems. We enable a wide range of sensors by offering  reduced fiber diameters, special coatings,  polarization control as well as fiber Bragg gratings. OFS high power building blocks are used to construct reliable fiber lasers and amplifiers. We qualify our defense products to common industry standards or to the specific requirements of individual customers.

OFS is a U.S. company and maintains a military cage code (OMZN3, Vendor #147825582). We comply with all applicable U.S. trade compliance laws and regulations.


Avionics Optical Fibers and Cables

Stringent requirements are a given for many avionics applications. Our extensive selection of coatings, buffers and cabling materials allow our specialty fibers to be configured into light weight, small form factor cables that exhibit stability over high temperature, shock and vibration, as well as resistance to chemicals and solvents. OFS offers solutions for both commercial and military aircraft as well as unmanned air and ground vehicles. Our avionics cables are constructed using harsh environment materials in tight buffer designs that minimize stresses on the fiber during bend. OFS FlightLink™ and FlightGuide® Cables are offered in 62.5, OM3 or bend optimized single-mode versions. OFS Avioptics® Cable is built around our standard HCS® 200µm fiber, and has for many years been used in radio systems for aircraft. See the details of these designs in the OFS Avionics Brochure.


µlinx™ Optical Fiber Cables for Unmanned Deployments

OFS has developed these micro cables for use in unmanned air and ground craft. They have a very small outer diameter (the thickness of a typical credit card) and corresponding low weight, yet are robust and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. μlinx Avionics Optical Fiber Cables are designed with wide temperature range and tested to avionics standards making them suitable for manned as well as unmanned aircraft. μlinx Tether Optical Fiber Cables are very abrasion resistant for durability when used in rough terrain. See the details in our μlinx Avionics Optical Fiber Cable Brochure and in the μlinx Optical Fiber Tether Cable Brochure.


Navigation and Sensing

Aircraft, missiles, UAVs, ground vehicles—all use advanced optical fiber navigation technology. OFS meets the specialized requirements of optical fiber gyroscopes with our GyroSil® Rad - Hard PM, a pure silica core polarization maintaining fiber that provides the performance needed in radiation environments.  When radiation is not a factor, GyroSil® PM Sensing Fibers provide excellent PM properties in  reduced diameters at 1550nm and 840nm. OFS also offers 80µm erbium-doped fibers used as a source in FOGs.

Hollow Core PRISM Fiber is one area of OFS Labs development that has application in gyroscopes.

OFS manufactures a very wide range of fibers suitable for optical fiber sensors. Not only can we modify the glass dopants and structure to achieve the best optical performance, but our extensive coatings and buffer material options allow those sensors to operate in many harsh environments from the ocean floor to jet engines. Used in combination with Fiber Bragg Gratings, point sensors or sensor arrays can be customized to your requirements. High temperature gratings based sensors can measures temperatures up to 900°C.


High Power

Extensive OFS capabilities in specialty fiber design and manufacture come together with advanced fiber processing technologies in OFS high performance all-fiber combiners, gain modules and cavities for high power lasers and amplifiers. Our high power products offers PM and non-PM devices based on Yb and Er -Yb gain fiber for 1µm and 1.5µm applications. Pump combiners in 7 to 19 to 1 configurations using Single-mode, Multimode, or PM optical fiber are available. 

For customized solutions we offer collaboration with OFS Laboratories (Labs) where an extensive laser and amplifier research program is ongoing. OFS Labs prototyping group can provide rapid development and manufacture of fibers as well as combiners, cavities and turn-key lasers and amplifiers in the 10s of units.   OFS has a strong patent portfolio in the area of design and manufacturing processes for fiber, gratings and pump combiners. We possess integration technology that can maximize the performance of fibers and components. We work with partners to offer system integration solutions and custom product needs.


Optical Fibers for Payout Applications

Payout systems require a optical fiber tether between the launch platform and missile. When the missile is fired from an aircraft, vessel or land-based platform, the highly reliable fiber pays out rapidly from a coiled spool and provides a continuous data path. Employing our portfolio of fiber designs and harsh environment coating options, OFS can provide a customized solution for these applications.


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