Our capabilities go much farther than the products listed on this site. The specialized materials we use, our state-of-the-art production and research facilities, our low-bioburden assembly rooms, and the ­expertise we’ve developed in fiber and cable design are just some of the capabilities we can bring to your project.

Medical Manufacturing Facilities Our tested and monitored low-bioburden manufacturing supports medical subassembly production and packaging.

Crimp, Cleave & Leave We developed a very easy way to connectorize your optical fiber.

Fiber Bragg Gratings Research, design, fabrication and volume production.

Fiber Metalization and Ferrules Nickel and Gold plated fiber ends are manufactured to specification using our proprietary process.

OFS Laboratory Research  To assist in the research and development of fiber optic solutions for custom applications as well as general industry use.

Assembly Options Beyond fiber, cable, and connector. We can assemble and package jumpers, modules, high-power devices to meet your specifications.

Coatings, Buffers & Cabling Materials OFS offers expertise in chemical formulations, mechanical strengthening agents, and more to protect your fiber and maximize its operation in use.



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  Temperature Range Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance Radiation Resistance UV Resistance Flame Retardance
PFA -200 to 260 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
FEP -100 to 200 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
ETFE -125 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
PVDF -50 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Excellent
PEEK -55 to 240 °C Excellent Excellent Good N/R Excellent
Thermoplastic Elastomer -50 to 120 °C Good Good N/R Excellent Very Good
PVC -40 to 105 °C N/R N/R N/R N/R Very Good
Nylon -65 to 105 °C N/R Very Good N/R N/R N/R

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