Export Compliance

Products, services, and technologies produced in the United States by OFS, Specialty Photonics Division, are subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the U. S. Department of Commerce.

If you will be reshipping our product overseas, you will need a Harmonized Tarriff System (HTS) number and an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). Those are listed in the Export ­Matrix, in alpha-numeric order by OFS part number. There are also regulations you must know and comply with regarding Prohibited End Users, Restricted End Uses, and more.

Our Commitment to Our Customers and to Compliance

We take compliance with the United States export laws and regulations very seriously. We welcome our international customers, appreciate your business, and do everything possible to make sure that we efficiently process your Requests for Quotation and orders without compromising the security of the United States.

Maintaining Compliance

We make every effort to ensure our company’s compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations. Our Export Management System and other policies and procedures help to ensure that all our employees, nufacturer’s representatives and international distributors understand and comply with the regulations, as well. We regularly audit ourselves, conduct self-assessments and provide ongoing training/awareness programs to ensure continued compliance.

Following is a summary to help our customers better understand our compliance responsibilities. This is just a summary and does not include the full legal language. Please also read the Legal Disclaimer at right.

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  Temperature Range Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance Radiation Resistance UV Resistance Flame Retardance
PFA -200 to 260 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
FEP -100 to 200 °C Excellent Very Good Good Excellent Excellent
ETFE -125 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
PVDF -50 to 150 °C Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Excellent
PEEK -55 to 240 °C Excellent Excellent Good N/R Excellent
Thermoplastic Elastomer -50 to 120 °C Good Good N/R Excellent Very Good
PVC -40 to 105 °C N/R N/R N/R N/R Very Good
Nylon -65 to 105 °C N/R Very Good N/R N/R N/R

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